Benjamin Olmsted

Department of Labor & Industries
Explosives Safety Compliance and Consultation

Gentlemen, I want to introduce myself to all of you at WSTOA and to the rest of the LE community. Many of you I already know but I want to offer you all some new services with my new position. I left the LE community and am now working with Labor & Industries as an Explosives Inspector/Consultant. Any LE agency using Explosives, NFDD’s or even Stinger Ball grenades are subject to the WAC 296-52 and annual inspections. I’m primarily concerned with the storage of such items and want to HELP everyone out so that we minimize the chances of injury and possible fines. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. I will be conducting the annual inspections for Region 1 and am looking forward to helping you all out in the future.

In addition, here is another program I am attempting to coordinate. In the state of Washington, if an organization wants to get rid of explosives they can donate or sell (at cost, no profit allowed unless you have a dealer’s license) to authorized personnel. As of now I have an agency who is looking at getting rid of their NFDD inventory. They have DefTech 25’s bodies and fuses, as well as an authorized magazine and some other items such as Stinger Balls etc.. I think it would be good to see if maybe we can get these items to some of the smaller agencies who may want/need them. It is up to the current owner if they want to sell for cost or donate. I will facilitate the movement but that is all.

Contact Info:
Cell: (360) 620.2224
Office: (360) 416.3037