Critical Incident Stress Managment (CISM) and is about cops taking care of cops. Critical incident stress is the line of duty stress you cannot see and sometimes, in the heat of battle, do not even feel. If left untreated and allowed to multiply faster, it is stress that can kill. CISM is a program in which SWAT officers are trained to support their fellow tactical team members as friends and brothers confidentially, without judgment, without losing respect. The Washington State CISM Network uses CISM trained SWAT team members as our peers rather than someone not familiar with SWAT tactics or tactical officers.

CISM services are available to WSTOA members individually or as a team. They may or may not wish to go through their department.

Mike Cobb is the the tactical team coordinator for The Washington State CISM Network. Mike was a member of WSTOA for 16 years, serving on the executive board as both the district 4 representative and WSTOA president. Any WSTOA member is welcome to contact Mike at any time (24/7), at (509) 531-6604. Please visit the The Washington State CISM Network website, for more information on the services they provide.

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc.