SKIDDS / CATS Class 263

SKIDDS / CATS Class 263

07decAll Day09SKIDDS / CATS Class 263


december 7 (Wednesday) - 9 (Friday)

Event Details

If interested in the below SKIDDS / CATS class I will send you a course flier. To register for the class contact Brad Smith at You can learn more by going to

LOCATION: Salem PD, Oregon

Please forward this information to all your SWAT, specially units, patrol officers and K9 contacts within your agency as well as outside your agency.

For those that don’t understand K9’s or have a misconception as to how beneficial K9’s can be during a high risk Patrol and SWAT deployment, SKIDDS / CATS is the answer.

The goal of this 3 day course is to educate and train Patrol Officers, SWAT operators, specialty units and K9 handlers on the deployment of a police dog in a high risk tactical operation such as: tactical tracking, barricaded suspects, live gunfire, approaches, entries, blind corners, room clearing, hallways, stairs, attics, crawl spaces, vehicle assaults, arrest techniques and even in a gas environment.

SWAT, specialty units, patrol officers and supervisors are encouraged to attend but K9 handlers can attend solo.

If you can’t make it to the class, you can always purchase “K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT.”

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