may, 2018

21mayAll Day25L.E. BASIC SNIPER COURSETraining Types:Agency Sponsored


may 21 (Monday) - 25 (Friday)


3378 Northport Flat Creek Road, Kettle Falls, WA

Event Details


This course consists of 40 hrs of instruction vie class room rnage time. Students will be proficient after completing the course in the below bullets:

  1. Fundamentals of marksmanship
  2. Optimal rifle set up and scope mounting
  3. Ballistic computer application
  4. Ballistic computer programming
  5. Moving targets
  6. Dialing data and known holds
  7. Wind reading and judging distance
  8. Engaging static targets out to 900m
  9. LE deployment considerations
  10. LE basic sniper equipment
  11. LE legal issues
  12. LE Sniper specific team function

DATES: May 21st – 25th

LOCATION: 3378 Northport Flatcreek Road, Kettle Falls, WA

COST: $1000 per student. Lodging and meals not included. Additional fees may apply.

CONTACT: Go to or call (509) 768-4452


$1000 per student

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