Counter-Terrorism Operations Planning Course

Counter-Terrorism Operations Planning Course

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january 23 (Monday) - 28 (Saturday)


Kent, WA

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The frontline for countering a terrorist act on U.S. soil is the local uniform police officer. If an active shooter(s) or a multi-cell, “swarm,” type of attack occurs, it will be after the terrorist group has planned, rehearsed and prepared for the event.

In the past, Law Enforcement had two key advantages over criminal activity: communications and institutionalized group/team procedures. It is safe to assume the terrorist group will plan to exploit and/or eliminate those perceived advantages (to their advantage) through various means.

To properly contain and eliminate the threats, organizations will have to purposefully and aggressively employ in-depth counter measures to disrupt and/or halt the terrorist’s tactics and their goals. This must occur seamlessly and simultaneously across various assets, organizations and terrain in order to achieve maximum success. An aggressive and flexible, solutions orientated plan and execution are necessary for the organization(s) to be successful due to the uncontrollable, sudden and unpredictable constraints of the situation.


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