Counter Ambush and Advanced Tactics for Patrol

Counter Ambush and Advanced Tactics for Patrol

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All Day (Thursday)


Gig Harbor Police Department

3510 Grandview St Gig Harbor WA 98335

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About the instructor: Ken Kollmann is a veteran 23 year police patrol officer who started his law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1996 where he worked Hollywood and Foothill Division. He transferred to Washington State in 2000 and currently works patrol. Ken is a retired U.S. Marine Infantry Platoon leader and served 20 years on both active duty and the reserves. He is a 16 year SWAT operator and team leader who was recently the first person in the nation to be certified by the National Tactical Officers Association as a tactical leader by the NTOA command college. Ken has been involved in several deadly force incidents as a SWAT operator and frequently talks about lessons learned from those encounters. Ken is currently a tactics instructor and FTO for his Department. He is the recipient of the Medal of Valor, Distinguished Service Medal, Exceptional Service Award, and numerous commendations from LAPD and his current agency.


Ken will cover proven patrol tactics he learned from the streets of Los Angeles and how to recognize pre-attack indicators. Subjects he will cover- Counter ambush survival tactics for patrol officers, mindset, training, and response to violent encounters when they are not expected. Ken will go over simple drills that will give you the advantage if ever involved in a violent encounter. In addition, he will review his “best practices” of contact and cover, FI, traffic stops, tactical movement, and officer rescue using classroom and practical application methods of instruction. Ken will share his years of knowledge and experience from working the streets as a patrol officer and SWAT team leader.


New or veteran police officers and supervisors who want to see if they are following the best practices for patrol operations and for those who want to learn about street survival tactics.


Sim/blue weapon system (handgun), 100 rounds of sim ammunition, duty belt for sim weapon, patrol ballistic vest, eye/ear protection (no force on force). Sims will be used for drills conducted in counter ambush training. Rain gear (if needed).


David Miller (360) 259-5028 /




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