Basic Sniper

Basic Sniper

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june 7 (Monday) - 11 (Friday)

Event Details

Law Enforcement/Corrections Only

Course Description:
Police snipers hold an integral position within the tactical team structure. They provide real time information, protective overwatch, and the ability to resolve a critical incident with one, well placed shot. They represent the surgical arm of any special operations team, and like any other surgeon, they require specialized training in order to excel at their profession.

This course will provide a foundation and starting point for police sniper training and deployment. Items covered in this course will be, but not limited to; rifle nomenclature, role of the sniper/observer, rifle and range safety, training documentation, fundamentals of marksmanship, observation and reporting, ballistics, Individual movement skills, camouflage and concealment, hide construction and management, use of force as it applies to the sniper, weapons maintenance and post incident debrief and documentation.

In addition to the topics listed above, we will be reviewing and debriefing various applicable sniper case studies.

5 days/50 hours


Each student will receive a copy of the American Sniper Association Police Sniper Manual and the latest Police Sniper Utilization Report.

All students must be certified law enforcement or correctional officers. Priority registration for students currently assigned to tactical or specialized units where this class is required before deployment.

Equipment Requirements:

  • A rifle that is capable of printing at least 1 Minute of Angle (1 inch) at 100 yards in .223 caliber or higher.
  • A magnified optic (variable preferred) mounted to the rifle with high quality base and rings.
  • Bipod (adjustable cant preferred).
  • Rear shooting support.
  • Rifle bag or backpack (such as Eberlestock design).
  • Rifle sling.
  • Note taking materials.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. We will shoot in ALL weather.
  • Hydration equipment
  • Deployment uniform and gear to include load bearing vest, bullet proof vest, headgear, gloves, boots etc. Train as you fight.
  • 500 rounds of match grade ammunition.
  • Optional but recommended: shooting mat, extra magazines (if rifle is capable), and scope cover.

Physical Requirements:
Students are advised to be in good physical condition prior to attending this course. One of the requirements of this class includes participation in the Sniper Functional Fitness Test. This will be an assessment only. The test description and standards are available upon request.

Ravensdale, WA




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