WSTOA acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. The association strives to advance individual and team knowledge by providing a network to share sound tactics, training and operational experiences. WSTOA works to foster the highest professional standards and levels of competence by providing high quality instruction to its members, promoting proper tactics, equipment and safety.
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  • NEW Pacific NW Tactical Officers Conference & Vendor Show
    June 8th-12th. View information here

  • NEW Spring SWAT Basic Course

    The spring SWAT basic course will be held April 12-17, 2015, in the Tri-Cities region. Information added on the training page and on WSCJTC's website. Contact WSCJTC to register for the course.

  • NEW Quarterly Training

    District 6 Mechanical & Ballistic Breaching Workshop - March 26th. Topics include: Classroom instruction and practical application of breaching techniques with several different breaching tools and methods. View information here


    The Yakima Police Department Active Shooter Response Training instructor cadre would like to make you aware of a potentially dangerous training environment that was recently discovered.

    The Yakima Police Department training division located ammunition in its inventory that very closely resembles that of simmunition brand Fx training ammunition, which is also in our inventory. The round in question is called a "short range training ammunition" (SRTA) round and appears to have come from military surplus supplies. The projectile is comprised of a compressed plastic (light blue in color) and has a maximum range of approximately 250 meters and an effective range of approximately 25 meters. It is designed to be a realistic, low cost, restricted range training alternative to live ammunition.

    Simmunition brand Fx training ammunition is designed to be fired safely at human targets without causing significant injury when used in accordance with their guidelines and the correct safety equipment, namely a face protector, throat protector, eye protection, pants and sleeves. The recently discovered short range training round IS NOT designed to be shot at a human target and has the potential to be lethal if a human is targeted.

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  • NEW SWAT Basic 2014 Gallery

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  • NEW WSTOA has begun a new awards program

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  • Magpul Discount

    Magpul has started a LE program to sell 10 pmags at a time to police officers at their $14.95 price. If you do sign up and place an order, you can use the promo code "unfairadvantage" and you will get a discount.


  • Tripwire is owned and operated by L/E officers so they really know our "product need". If this area (Washington/Oregon) could generate $7,000 - $10,000 in explosives sales annually, tripwire is ready to place a magazine storage unit in Bellingham. They need to see there is enough interest before they spend the money to set it up. This would not only be for K-9 training aids, but EOD, Blasters etc. So please pass this along to anyone who may be interested in saving money on explosives.

    View the catalog here

    Here are some of the benefits to pass along to your agencies.
    1. 1. No minimum order, if you have an aid that gets damaged you can easily replace it
    2. 2. No shipping costs, for us this saves $3500 annually just in shipping
    3. 3. No long out of state travel/transport
    4. 4. 1 week turnaround time after order is placed
    5. 5. Guaranteed to beat Omni’s prices, just call them with Omni’s price and they will beat it
    6. 6. Have specialized K-9 training kits with smaller quantities in addition to “normal”
    7. 7. No contract required
    If you think your agency would be interested, please conact us and let us know your approximate annual spending. We will compile all the data and cc all interested parties in the final draft to tripwire.

    Email: | Website:

  • 40% WSTOA member discount on your subscriptions from

    To receive your coupon code you will need to be a current member of WSTOA. Please contact Steve Gowin by email at He will verify your membership and send you the coupon code.

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    E-mail a question or request for the Washington State Tactical Officers Association.

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  • Team Assessment Program

    The Washington State Tactical Officers Association strives to elevate the professionalism of SWAT teams within the state of Washington by providing on-site assessments of requesting teams. Check out the Team Assessment Program for more details.

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